SOAP August 20: Light Up Our Darkness



The following is taken from my SOAP journal notes.


Wait – WHAT is THAT? 


I’m glad you asked. SOAP is an acrostic for a Bible study method developed by Wayne Cordiero. You can learn more about it at Discover One Thing here. You’ll also find daily blog entries with several Godly folks’ SOAP notes to inspire and encourage you on your own journey of getting to know God better through His Word. Join us!

Today’s Reading: Jer. 48,49; Ps. 67; 1 John 1


S~ God be gracious to us and bless us,

And cause His face to shine upon us – Selah.

-Psalm 67:1 NASB


…God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

-I John 1:5 NASB


O~ “Is anyone here afraid of the dark?” our park ranger asked. I wondered how many adults’ hands quivered at their sides, wanting to be raised. In an instant, we went from a spotlight-filled room to total darkness. Darkness so thick and complete that no amount of time for eye-adjustment would matter. Our retinas would find zero light sources in this underground room in Wind Cave. He left us there just long enough to feel the unease, then struck a match and lit a single taper candle, all the light an early spelunker would have had. The glow instantly loosened the tightness of my daughter’s grip on my hand. The light, a tiny flickering, reached all the way across the room to us.


A~ We crave light in the darkness.


We need it.

God offers it: perfect light that shines in the darkness of our souls.

Shining-face brilliance that loosens the dark death-grip of fear.

He turns to us when we are desperate and shaking and scared, and we find we are able to walk into the dark places – pain, sorrow, uncertain futures – with confidence and hope because He is with us to light the way.

woman with candle


P~ Lord, today I am filled with both grief and hope. The searing rip of leaving loved ones mingles with the gratitude of having so many to love. My daughter’s recent diagnosis deeply saddens me even as I marvel at Your provision and preparation for me as her mom and advocate. Other hurts and conflicts roil in me, and yet I can cling to your hope and know You will make all things right in the end, even my mistakes.


Lord, when I feel the weight of darkness closing in, shine on me. Shine THROUGH me. Thank You for a perfect source of light within me, the Comforter. Comfort me today. Strengthen me for the journey.


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